Ymagik – R&B Money (Home Studio Live)

January 12th, 2021 | No Comments | Posted in Video
Video by Sonny B

Did you check out Ymajik’s new album “Integrate”? Check out the home studio live we did for his song “R&B Money”

「R&B Money」という曲のためのホームスタジオライブをチェックして見てください

Ymagik http://instagram.com/ymagik

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Nov.47 – Coded Dreams (Visuals)

January 11th, 2021 | No Comments | Posted in Video
Video by Sonny B

Nov.47 is back with his latest song “Coded Dreams”. He writes
“What do you dream about? Do you see things beyond the physical world? Are you receiving coded messages? What is your soul trying to tell you?”
It was great to collaborate with him once again.
Nov.47さんが戻りました。今回は新曲の「Coded Dreams」! Nov.47さんが書いたコメントは「何について夢を見ますか?世界を超えたものが見えます?分かりにくいメッセージを貰えます?そのメッセージで自分の命は何を伝えています?」。

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Merry Christmas!

December 24th, 2020 | No Comments | Posted in Video

Merry Christmas from Monique Marian and SonnyBCreative!

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HANZO REIZA – PS (starring MinaS)

November 13th, 2020 | No Comments | Posted in Video

In antcipation for the Playstation 5, Hanzo Reiza comes to us with “PS”


Directed by Sonny B

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Hardware Upgrade: Canon EOS R5

October 27th, 2020 | No Comments | Posted in Life, NEWS, Photography, Sonny_B, Video

After 8 years, I’ve finally found the camera that I wanted to upgrade to! Of course over the years there have been better and better cameras. I’ve been watching almost each and every release.

There first camera I personally invested in for work was a Canon and I have been using Canon ever since. Over the the years other companies such as Sony  have released more compeitive cameras but I’ve remained a patient loyal Canon user.

Finally this year Canon released their latest and greatest, the Canon EOS R5. It is the exact camera I was waiting for. I ordered it this July, on release week, and it has finally arrived! 3 months later! I look forward to producing some new work with it. Stay tuned!

八年後、私はやっとアップグレードのために買いたいカメラをみつけました!キャノンのEOS R5。もちろん数年間たくさんのすごいカメラがリリースした。いつもカメラのニューズを見ている。



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NEW VIDEO: DI BISI’s 2020 Tokyo Tour

October 25th, 2020 | No Comments | Posted in Video

Just before the pandemic took our over world, Luxemborg’s DJ BISI made it to Japan for his 2020 Tokyo tour. Check it out!


photo by Yukki
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NEW VIDEO: Iakopo – Closer To You (feat. Sean Paul, R2Bees, Drei Ros) (Dance Visual)

October 25th, 2020 | No Comments | Posted in Sonny_B, Video

I recently directed, shot, and edited the official dance visual for the new summer hit “Closer To You”. Avoiding coronavirus and Japan’s rainy season, I shot this video over a few weeks. I was able to feature some of the best dancers I know.  I hope you enjoy it! 

今年の夏のヒットな曲の「Closer To You」のために、俺はオフィシャルなダンスのPVを作った!。コロナウイルスや梅雨を避けて、数週間でこのビデオを撮った。俺の周りにいるの凄い才能があるダンサーを特集して嬉しい。是非ご覧ください! 

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March 6th, 2019 | No Comments | Posted in #ProjectFBI, Music, Sonny_B

New music from Sonny B! She’s Crazy with dancer CRAZY SHIZUKA!

Available on iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify and more!

photo by Ben Gonzalez

CRAZY SHIZUKA is a talented dancer and choreographer who is based in Tokyo. She has worked with countless amount of artist including Tyga, Namie Amuro AKB48, EXILE, Koda Kumi, Crystal Kay and more. This is the first time CRAZY SHIZUKA has recorded a song.
SHIZUKA HIRATA  16歳からダンスを始め18歳の時LAで初めてダンスので表現する面白さにはまる。 その後、数々のコンテストやバトルで高成績を納め、ファッション、音楽、ダンスをCRAZY SHIZUKA独特のスタイルで発信している実力派フィメールダンサー。 また、TV、CM、舞台、アーティスト振り付け、ファッションショー、演出など様々な分野で活躍。 また役者としても活動中。Red Print のお芝居や、梅棒”GROVER”、宮本亜門さん演出のブロードウェイミュージカル”the WIZ”や、Rei Dance Collection総合演出などと幅広く活動。 2018年アメリカのアーティストVISAを取得し現在は日本とアメリカで活動中。 アーティストビザ取得後すぐ、ショーンメンデスのPVやNetflixドラマ「orange is new black」で有名なJackicruzのPVとLIVE、TV showにも出演している。 最近ではSonny Bとコラボした曲”SHE’S CRAZY”をitunes,Apple music,Spotifyでリリース

Written by Sonny B
Performed by Sonny B and CRAZY SHIZUKA
Produced by dbabykai of cultrenge
Recorded by Sonny B
Mixed and Mastered by 47November
Photography by Ben Gonzalez
Cover design by Sonny B

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New Music! LIGHT YOUR PATH feat. Mami Sue

September 17th, 2018 | No Comments | Posted in #ProjectFBI, Music, Sonny_B

Music Available on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores!
ITunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1434703612?ls=1&app=itunes
Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1434703612
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5kxinfkxjTqsX4fLUHiG2s?si=tW7PR7FjQSWA8bq5d1sndQ

The 12th single from Sonny B, “Light Your Path”.

Track 4 of #projectFBI
Produced by TORU
Mixed and mastered by 47radAR

Follow Sonny B:

Follow Mami Sue:

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August 10th, 2018 | No Comments | Posted in Video

HANZO REIZA – Super (feat. Jinmenusagi)
Directed, Edited by Sonny B
Produced by KOB the Yellowman (5hinobi 5quad)

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